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Best Corded Hedge Trimmer [2022 Review]

You need to invest in the right power tools if you want a more convenient and efficient way of keeping your garden perfectly manicured. If you want a professional tool that will give your garden the perfect shape, then you need to buy the right trimmer to help you with the hedging process. In our …

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How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed for Cheap with these Budget Tips

An elevated compost pit filled with green waste made out of brown wooden planks and stainless steel

There are many reasons why a raised garden should be your landscape’s next modern upgrade. It’s easier to work with. It eliminates the often problematic back pain experienced with gardening on the floor level. It can be built so your plants require less water to survive. Building a raised garden bed can be expensive to …

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8 Best Soaker Hoses For Your Garden [2022 Review]

Six soaker hoses sit in wooden dirt planter beds on green grass

With the rising water rates and high frequency heat waves in summer, it makes sense to adopt efficient techniques of watering your garden. One of these ways is investing in the best soaker hose. A soaker hose is basically an ordinary hose with holes punctured throughout its length. The tiny holes allow water to seep …

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Best Electric Hedge Trimmer [2022 Review]

A person wearing black long sleeves shirt is using a hedge trimmer with a blue and yellow handle to cut bushes

The days when hedge trimming was done manually using shears are long gone. Plus with the mess and pollution caused by gas hedge trimmers, electric hedge trimmers are the way to go for anyone who wants to keep their hedges neat. This piece reviews the best electric hedge trimmer options and includes a comprehensive buying …

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How to Use a Pole Saw

A man wearing a blue jumper and white shirt cuts a high branch off of a shrub with a pole saw

​Tree pruning and tree trimming involves very delicate procedures. Since it involves cutting or removing large branches, it should be done with both safety and precaution. However, no matter how much you gear up for a safe tree pruning process, if you are not using the proper cutting tool, you are still at a ​risk.​ …

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Best Lawn Mower for a Small Yard [2022 Review]

A black lawn mower on a green grass field

A lawn mower is an essential tool that will help you keep your garden trimmed. However, finding the right tool to keep your lawn in shape can be challenging, especially if you want to keep your small lawn from looking overgrown. To help you improve the overall appearance of your small yard, we have compiled …

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How to Fix a Leaky Hose

A leaky white hose hung on a brown wooden fence on a wooden floor

It’s never a good idea to just let a leaky hose be. It may seem like it’s not that big of a deal. However, you’re losing a lot more water than you think you are. Unfortunately, it is a common problem to experience a leaking hose. With enough exposure to weather, heat, and cold temperatures, …

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How Long does Milorganite Take to Work on a Lawn

A man wearing a blue coverall suit is moving Milorganite fertilizer with a yellow forklift on a sunny day

Milorganite has been recycling sewage into a nutrient rich fertilizer for 90 years. It has been an effective and trusted product that helps the growth of healthy plants and grass. But how long does it actually take to work on a lawn? If it’s your first time to use Milorganite to work on a lawn, …

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How Long After Planting Grass Seed Can You Walk on it?

A girl wearing a floral dress walks hand in hand with a boy wearing a floral shirt on green grass inside the forest

There’s a right time for everything. And taking a stroll on your newly seeded grass may not be the best idea, regardless of how tempting it is. You want to be able to grow evenly beautiful and thick grass. Walking on this too soon after it had just started growing from the seeds may be …

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Does Potting Soil Go Bad?

A black plastic container filled with potting soil near a green hose and a sack on a red-bricked floor

Potting soil is every home gardener’s best friend. This incredible mix of nutritious soil makes gardening in pots incredibly easy to do. You may find yourself with excess potting soil or used potting soil. And you might just be wondering if potting soil goes bad.  Look at your potting soil. If it looks just as …

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