Best Corded Hedge Trimmer [2022 Review]

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You need to invest in the right power tools if you want a more convenient and efficient way of keeping your garden perfectly manicured. If you want a professional tool that will give your garden the perfect shape, then you need to buy the right trimmer to help you with the hedging process.

In our list, we have compiled the best corded hedge trimmers to give you detailed information about the operations and functions of trimmers. We have also included a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your gardening needs.

Our Top Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews

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Earthwise CVPH41018

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The Earthwise​ CVPH41018 electric trimmer is an excellent choice for people who want to keep bushes around their homes at bay and for DIY gardeners. The trimmer is two in one unit. There is a pole hedge trimmer and a hedge trimmer.

The blade measures 18 inches and can be stretched by extending the pole. The hedge trimmer feels bulky to carry as it weighs 10 pounds. However, it becomes bulkier when used like a pole hedge trimmer.

Though the pole is made from lightweight fiberglass, the attachment of the motor at the rear does not help to reduce the bulkiness. The electric unit has an 18-inch sharp blade with a maximum cutting capacity of ¾ inch thickness. 

A pole hedge trimmer is more versatile than other types of hedge trimmers. It is the ideal power tool for trimming out of reach plants in a garden. The Earthwise hedge trimmer features a 4.5 amperage motor that is powerful and efficient.

It also includes flexible components that are easy to attach and detach. There is a protective blade cover that protects the blade when it is not being used. Additionally, the blade cover promotes durability as it will make your blade last longer.

You can easily convert this unit into a handheld hedge trimmer if you are not trimming tall plants. It has a 150 degree rotating head that moves in six different positions. This makes trimming areas that are difficult to reach a breeze.

The CVPH43018 is the easy-to-use and safest plant trimmer for tackling bushes, shrubs and tall hedges that are out of reach.

What We Like

  • 150 degree rotating head
  •  6-position rotating head
  • Included protective cover blade
  • Two units in one
  • Convertible pole hedge trimmer
  • Lightweight fiberglass pole

What We Don’t Like

  • Short blade 
  • Short cord

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Black+Decker HT20

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The​ HT20 trimmer from Black+Decker comes with a 3.8 amperage motor to give you enough power for most trimming jobs. The trimmer is perfect for occasional use and will help you keep your lawn or garden manicured neatly.

The cord option might look like a hassle. However, with unlimited power supply, you can take the time you want during the hedging process. There is no worrying about drained batteries. The hedge trimmer is lightweight and compact as it weighs 5.4 pounds. 

The lightweight design will make you feel less fatigued even after cutting down plants for an extended period. The 20-inch double-sided blade results in 40-percent less vibration compared to the single-sided blades, which further enhances comfort.

The wrap-around handle ensures a secure and snug grip in different trimming positions. You should note that the HT20 trimmer does not have a cord.

Therefore, you can only use it if you have an extension cord. The rust-resistant blade provides satisfying trimming jobs. The blade is pre-hardened to enable it to keep functioning and sharp for an extended period.

The ¾ inch cutting capacity can trim branches and chew through the hedges. The Black+Decker trimmer does not cut anything. Thus, it shreds and crushes everything as it chews through hedges and branches.

The unit is an excellent light-duty trimmer for a small garden. It will prune grass and other plants quickly.

The trimmer has the lock-off switch system for preventing accidental operation while trimming hedges. Black+Decker backs this unit with a 2-year warranty.

What We Like

  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Lock-off switch
  • 40% less vibration
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  •  Only suitable for light-duty tasks
  • No cord

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GARCARE isn’t a famous brand. However, the​ GARCARE GTH08 hedge trimmer is a high-quality unit that performs various light trimming jobs. Though it’s a bit expensive, it has a robust 4.8 amperage motor and some remarkable features. These include the pre-hardened steel blades and wrap-around handle.

The trimmer boasts of a compact design while the 8.4 pounds is not exclusively lightweight. However, you will not feel exhausted even after using it for a long time.

The double-sided 24-inch blade causes less vibration than their single-sided blades. The unit has an ergonomic handle that provides a soft grip. The back handle is equipped with a hard plastic design. It also has rubber overmolding for absorbing vibrations during the trimming process.

The GARCARE trimmer has a ¾ inch maximum cutting capacity, which makes sculpting and shaping your lawn easier. The sharp hardened blade cuts through thick hedges effortlessly to make your work easier.

The trimmer comes with an extension cord to help you access areas that are beyond the main cord range. The integrated cord retainer ensures the extension remains in the socket for uninterrupted use.

It is important to note that holding the hedge trimmer at high positions can cause the cord to unplug from the socket. To prevent this, use duct tape to help it remain plugged in its socket. The unit also has two switches located on the handle to enable you to use both hands while operating the trimmer.

This means the blade cannot move if the unit accidentally slips from your hands. It also has a handguard for blocking pieces of flung-back branches. Another excellent feature is the blade guard which prevents you from cutting your fingers while storing it after use.

The back handle allows you to cut at different angles and positions and rotates at 180 degrees. GARCARE provides a 2-year warranty for this trimmer.

What We Like

  •  24-inch double action blades
  • Soft rubber grips
  • 180-degrees rotation
  •  ¾ inches cutting capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • 2-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Poor build quality
  • Cannot function without an extension cord

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Toro 51490

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The Toro 51490 trimmer features a sleek design and comes with a four amperage powerful motor that ensures steady power flow during the hedging process.

The 6.4 pounds lightweight trimmer has a built-in cord lock mechanism for preventing disruptive disconnects as it ensures the cord remains in its socket. The 22-inch double-action blade produces less vibration resulting in an enjoyable operation.

The good thing about the 51490 trimmer is that it does not require any maintenance. It can also cut through bushes and ornamental grasses using the 22-inch blade and robust motor.

Toro claims the trimmer can cut hedges up to a thickness of 9/16 inches. This is quite impressive because the shrubs around your house may be quite thicker.

The unit makes it hassle-free to turn the messy hedges into a tidy and neatly pruned lawn. It comes with a safety lock you’ll have to press to enable the hedge trimmer to function.

The Toro trimmer also has a handguard between the front handle and the blade to protect your limbs from the sharp blade in case it slips off accidentally. It also blocks pieces of shrubs the unit fires backward.

The trimmer is equipped with an ergonomic grip for improving efficiency and reducing vibration. Toro offers a 2-year warranty for the hedge trimmer.

What We Like

  •  Powerful four amperage motor
  •  22-inch blade
  • Lightweight
  • Cutting capacity of up to 9/16 inches
  • Cord lock system
  • Handguard feature

What We Don’t Like

  • Only suitable for light-duty trimming jobs

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Sun Joe HJ22HTE

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The​ Sun Joe HJ22HTE is an affordable trimmer that comes with a 3.5 amperage motor. The motor generates adequate power to carry out various trimming tasks. The trimmer only weighs 5 pounds. This means older individuals with a petite body can use it comfortably without experiencing any issues.

The Sun Joe trimmer has an ergonomic design and a front wrap-around handle that makes maneuvering easier. You can make this unit your go-to trimmer when you want to do some quick pruning or cutting tasks.

The 22-inch blade is built from rust-resistant forged iron, making it less efficient and durable. However, it’s sharp enough to cut through thin shrubs and bushes with little effort. The blade has a cutting capacity of 3/8 inch.

Sun Joe ensures the safety of the units they manufacture. As such, the HJ22HTE hedge trimmer is not an exception. The trimmer features a double-handed safety switch that prevents sudden accidental operation.

While you may need to use both hands to get the trimmer started, it is also possible to operate it using one hand. However, it is not advisable to do that for a long period.

The unit has a 2-year warranty and is ETL approved. Sun Joe can also extend the warranty 90 days if you register ownership.

What We Like

  • Full wrap-around handle
  • Compact trimmer
  • Double handed safety switch
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quiet operation

What We Don’t Like

  • Short cord
  • Less efficient and durable blade

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Corded Hedge Trimmer Features and Considerations

There are factors you need to consider when looking for the best corded hedge trimmer. Here are some features that will help you choose the right power tool:


You will need to consider two things when it comes to blade:


The length of a hedge trimmer is usually determined by the blade size. For this reason, you will need to look for a lengthy blade if the hedges are tall.

You will be able to reach the tall shrubs and hedges and finish your job quickly when you use a tool with a long cutting blade. However, you are likely to get fatigued faster because lengthy blades are quite bulky.

On the other hand, shorter blades will give you more control of your tool. However, your hedge trimmer will restrict you from accessing the tall shrubs.

You should instead strike a balance between performance and control. Thus, look for a blade length that offers some level of control and at the same time enable you to reach the shrubs.  

Consider buying a 24-inch blade. It can reach a decent height and enable you to cut down hedges of different sizes with ease. Manufacturers have a wide range of hedge trimmers with different sizes that measure between 18 inches to 24 inches.


Trimmers use lengthy cutting blades to trim hedges smoothly. So, you will need to pay attention to teeth length and the location of the blades (double or single side). The commercial hedge trimmers have a 1-inch gap between the blade teeth. 

This makes the hedging process easier. A 3/8 or ¾ inch blade teeth gap is ideal for small heavier jobs. The process will be much longer when you choose a single-sided trimmer. You won’t also be satisfied with the outcome.

On the flip side, double-sided blades will speed up the process and make your work more efficient. Additionally, you won’t experience any problems regarding the performance of such blades.

Double-sided trimmers cut from both sides. So, it will take less time compared to the time it takes single-sided blades. However, double-sided blades are perfect for experienced trimmers.

If you are new to trimming, begin with a single-sided blade because it is easier and safer to maneuver.

Types of hedge trimmers

There are two types of hedge trimmers:

Pole Hedge Trimmers  

They have long handles for cutting down hard-to-reach trees or plants and are ideal for taller hedges. They also have angled heads you can adjust to make your work easier when trimming hedges of different sizes and shapes.

Additionally, you can buy pole hedge trimmers that have adjustable telescopic poles to enable you to control the length.

Regular Hedge Trimmers

They are smaller, easier to use, and do not have poles that are attached to them. They also do not have adjustable angle heads because they are more manageable. 

Ease of Use

Since you will use a hedge trimmer for a long period of time, it will be wise to choose a unit that offers comfort while using it. Comfort can be determined by checking certain features.

One of the crucial features you should pay attention is the handles which come in two different types:


They will allow you to change the position of the grip and adjust it according to the cutting angle. They also offer maneuverability and maximum control.


These handles are equipped with a T-shape knob that is located at the front and offers a balanced grip with plenty of control.

Generally, ensure the handles are padded with rubber to provide a comfier grip.

Another great feature worth considering is the anti-vibration technology. Remember vibration on any unit causes fatigue. So, it will allow for more efficient use and dampen the vibration.

You also need to evaluate the hedge trimmer controls. Ideally, you should be able to access the controls quickly. They should also be decentralized for added comfort.

Safety Features

Safety should be your priority when considering buying powerful tools such as hedge trimmers. The fast-moving powered blades should be handled carefully as they pose a safety hazard.

You should begin with a lightweight unit if you are a first-timer and check the safety instructions well. When picking a hedge trimmer, choose the one that comes with safety features to promote a safe hedging process.

Easy controls with a trigger will enable the machine to stop functioning when you release the trigger. The handguard will shield you from flying debris and also prevent your hands from coming close to the blade.

The tooth extension will ensure the blade doesn’t come into contact with your body. An integrated lock-off feature will minimize the risk of switching on the trimmer accidentally.


Power levels differ when it comes to corded units. Electric units that have high-voltages can handle tall hedges without any issues. They are also faster. On the other hand, the lower-voltage units are perfect for small cutting tasks and are also inexpensive.

Therefore, it is essential to check the power output of the unit because hedge trimmers are powerful devices that use robust motors to spin the blades at high speeds. The speed enables these devices to cut down hedges.

So, you will have to pick a unit with power that can take care of your basic needs. The level of power will depend on the kind of hedges you plan to work on.


The weight of a trimmer has a significant impact on the level of comfort. Generally, electric trimmers are lightweight. Though there exists a huge disparity within their class.

Bulky hedge trimmers are difficult to hold and can cause muscle fatigue even to seasoned trimmers. However, they are more powerful and robust.

Lighter hedge trimmers are safer and easy to use. While they are not flimsy, they are not performance-oriented and as powerful as the bulky hedge trimmers. However, they are an excellent option for those who are using hedge trimmers for the first time.


Hedge trimmers use powerful motors that help the blades to rotate, which results in noisy operation. The good thing is that the electric hedge trimmers produce less noise during operation. However, some tend to be louder than others.

When selecting an ideal unit, opt for one that generates the least amount of noise. It is also advisable to wear protective noise-cancellation gear when using these devices to prevent damaging your ears.

Intended Use

It’s essential to consider whether the hedge trimmer you plan to buy is for professional use as a commercial gardener or for occasional use for trimming your home garden. 

This will help you to determine the features and specifications you would want to see in your chosen unit.


Due to the numerous types of trimmers on the market, you may end up getting an expensive device for basic needs. A good starting point will be to have a specific range with the features you’re looking for.

This will enable you to choose a device you can afford to buy comfortably. You should also consider your intended use. There’s no need to get an expensive trimmer that is meant for professional use when what you need is a device that can perform simple tasks.


This is another crucial feature you should check. Find out how often the power tool will need to be maintained. Regardless of the tool you pick, you’ll have to spend some time to maintain the various parts of the unit.

Depending on the type of hedge trimmer you choose, it will require regular maintenance. To get optimum performance from the tool, check the oiling parts and the blades regularly.


This should be a key consideration before buying any unit. That said, it’s always a good idea to pick a trimmer that has a long warranty period. For instance, when you choose a good warranty hedge trimmer with three years, you can use the unit worry-free for three years.

The manufacturer can handle any underlying issues. But it is crucial to follow the instructions after buying a new unit from the market.

Wrap Up

Getting the hedges in your garden to look beautiful requires a lot of time and effort. However, the job can be easier and faster if you use the right hedge trimmer. First, understand your lawn size and needs before making your purchasing decision.

All the units in this review are of high-quality. You can choose your trimmer confidently from our list. However, check the power output, blades, and the other features we’ve discussed in our buying guide.