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Landscape Edging Calculator: How to Measure What You’ll Need

A greenhouse garden with green plants near the yellow stones and yellow bricks used for landscape edging

There’s no doubt that landscape edging can be a great finishing touch. Depending on the material, it can tie your whole work together. Apart from that, landscape edging is an aesthetically-pleasing way to reduce wood and grass intruding on the flowerbed. But it can be a delicate process. If you make one small mistake in …

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5 Best Lawn Mower Blades [2022 Review]

A person wearing a green shirt and brown pants is using an orange and gray lawn mower to mow the green grass

The secret to having a neat lawn is getting the best lawn mower blades for your mower. Sharp blades will cut your grass effortlessly, while sturdier blades will reduce maintenance and minimize the need for replacing mower blades.  Of course, the blade you choose should have other essentials. The right size and being of a …

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Why Does My Lawn Mower Only Run For a Few Seconds Then Dies?

A man wearing a checkered shirt is holding a blue screwdriver to fix the engine of the orange lawn mower

There are many reasons your lawn mower might run for only a few seconds before dying out. Check the list below for possible issues that could cause your lawn mower engine to start and then quickly die, and review potential fixes.  Reasons Lawn Mowers Run For a Few Seconds and Then Die There are four …

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How Sharp Should Lawnmower Blades Be?

A blue lawn mower and a blue shovel near a brown wooden wall

Lawnmower blades should be approximately as sharp as a butterknife.  Learn why lawnmower blade sharpness matters to the health of your lawn, and how to tell the difference between a blade that is too dull, too sharp, or just right. This article will explain further how sharp should lawnmower blades be. Lawnmower Blade Sharpness and Lawn …

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How to Tighten Belt on Ariens Lawn Mower

A man wearing a checkered shirt is holding a blue screwdriver to fix the engine of the orange lawn mower

There’s nothing more frustrating than a mower that won’t move or blades that aren’t cutting. Sometimes the solution is as easy as tightening one of the reinforced rubber belts that help keep your mower running. Find out more about the two belts on every mower, when they should be tightened, and the steps you need to …

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Best Lawn Mower Under $300 [2022 Review]

An orange and black colored lawn mower on top of yellow flowers and green grass

Shopping for the best lawn mower under $300 can be challenging. You have to balance between underspending and overspending. Clearly, you do not want to overspend. However, you risk ending up with a device that may not do the job if you underspend. Therefore, how do you strike a balance? In this article, we have …

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Best Mower for Hills [2022 Review]

A person wearing a gray shirt is riding a black and orange lawn mower on a green grass

Hilly terrains can enhance the aesthetics of your lawn. However, you may find it difficult to maintain them, especially if you do not have a lawn mower. With many mowers in stores, getting the right one may not be easy. Majority of mowers lack the traction required to prevent slipping backwards or fall short of …

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How to Fix Self Propelled Honda Lawn Mower?

A person wearing brown shoes is holding a silver wrench to fix the orange lawn mower

As if mowing your lawn weren’t enough of a chore, now your Honda lawn mower won’t work? Limit your frustration with this guide. We’ll teach you the most common reasons a Honda lawn mower stops working and how to fix them.  Fixing a Self Propelled Honda Lawn Mower Follow this protocol to fix a self-propelled …

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How to Tell if Riding Lawn Mower Engine Is Seized

A man wearing green coveralls is riding the blue lawn mower near a group of people walking on a rough walk path

When your lawnmower stops functioning, you may suspect a seized engine. Verify or disprove your suspicion by learning how to recognize the signs that a riding lawn mower engine has seized, and situations likely to lead to engine seizure. This article will explain more on how to tell if riding lawn mower engine is seized. …

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Best Gas Pole Saw [2022 Review]

A silver gas-powered pole saw is cutting a part of a tall tree near the green leaves

Tall tree branches require extra effort, such as climbing up a ladder to prune or trim branches. This can be risky because you can fall off the ladder and sustain serious injuries. So, what can you do to avoid dragging the ladder up the tree? Simple! Look for the best gas pole saw with a …

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