How to Rope off a Tree Limb to Keep It from Falling

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A tree limb usually appears smaller when you view it from ground level. But, you will eventually get to know its size and weight once you cut it down. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety.

The safety aspect is to prevent the big limb from falling upon you while cutting it all by yourself. As per science, a 100 pounds tree limb can fall off to the ground with an impact similar to 200 pounds. Therefore, it is important to use a rope to securely cut the limb without letting it fall freely on the ground with massive impact.

How to Rope off a Tree Limb to Keep It from Falling

The securing aspects for the tree limb are carried out on the top of a tree before you cut it. By adopting this safety measure, you can suspend the limb so that it is prepared to be cut down effortlessly.

Suspending the limb refers to roping it up so that it seems disengaged from the tree to prevent its fall after it is cut off. So, if you intend to learn how to rope off a tree limb to keep it from falling, follow this guide for the correct approach.

Person using a ladder outdoors

Step 1: Secure The Extension Ladder & Get The Rope

First things first! Get the ladder that comes with an extension to help you reach out to the top of your tree. Then place the extension ladder firmly over the tree upon which you intend to work.

You would not want to get stuck on the tree while you have plans to cut down the tree all by yourself. So, ensure that the ladder is firmly set over the tree, without any chances of slip or fall.

Now, get the coiled rope while you climb up the ladder. In fact, you would not want to take unwanted up & down trips. Hence, keep the rope with you, and reach out to the limb you want to remove. There is no turning back! Head to the top, and be confident to approach the next level.

Step 2: Cutting Off The Branches

  1. Get an echo-pruning saw from any online or offline hardware store.
  2. Ensure that the pruning saw you opted for has a better working capacity.
  3. It is important for cutting off the small branches that come your way while reaching the limb.
  4. Clearing off the small branches will ensure that the limb falls freely without interruption.

Step 3: Position The Rope Over The Tree

  1. Make a slipknot loop at one side of the string.
  2. Drape the tight circle of the rope over the limb of the tree that you intend to remove.
  3. Now, position the firm rope line properly as well.
  4. Leave sufficient place in between the active line and limb tree.
  5. These spaces will allow you to cut from the midway position. You need to ensure that the cut should be between the two parts.

Step 4: Covering Of The Secure Loop

  1. Gain access to the free part of that rope that lies over the tight circle.
  2. Haul the strong line of rope to tighten it further.
  3. Now, coil the rope back in the upside direction, and pass it through the limb as many times as possible.

Step 5: Placing Another Robust Limb Junction

  1. Take another robust limb junction and place it appropriately.
  2. Crotch the junction to a tree limb that you want to pull down or cut
  3. Toss the coiled rope end so that the end of that rope is towards the ground.
  4. Take the sturdy rope end once again to wrap it at the same time.
  5. This wrapping should be done around the 2nd limb junction. Wrap it around 2 to 3 times.
Tree being pruned for dead limbs

Step 6: Create The Tension & Wrap It Out

  1. Climb down using the extension ladder.
  2. Now, you need to create tension upon the limb by pulling the rope.
  3. While you do that, wrap the rope multiple times around the base of the tree.
  4. You can make it more secure by wrapping it with the base of some other tree.
  5. In no time, the limb will fall off the tree securely and will come down without causing any impact or accident.

It is always better to visualize how to carry out the roping process for tree limbs to cut them down safely. Hence, here is the YouTube video link to help you understand the procedure better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are All The Pieces Of Equipment That I Will Need For Roping Off The Tree Limb?

The pieces of equipment you will need for the purpose are:

  • A sturdy rope or coil rope.
  • Extension ladder for climbing up and down the tree
  • Safety gloves to ensure that you don’t injure yourself during the process.
  • Get a pole saw or a pruning saw for cutting off the small branches of the tree.

You can either buy all of these essentials or rent them from any hardware store or hire professional for the purpose.

What Is The Correct Time Of The Year For Cutting The Limbs Off The Tree?

It is advised that you cut down the limb of your tree in the winter or cold months. It is because, during a cold climate, there is less chance of insects or bacteria hampering your tree post-cut. To know more about other associated tips and suggestions for cutting tree limbs, you can refer to this article!


By going through the above guide, you have completed your lesson on how to rope off a limb from a tree. In fact, this is the easiest and most convenient way of carrying out the pulling or cutting process of the limb. You can eventually prevent the possibility of an accident due to the fall of tree limbs completely.

So, gather your essentials, understand the whole process and start with the work!