Best Electric Pole Saw [2022 Review]

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An electric pole saw is a lighter chain saw designed to prune branches far up a tree. Unfortunately, many products on the market aren’t up to scratch, offering little value. This article discusses the best electric pole saws, including considerations to purchase one.

Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

Further below is our curated list of the best electric pole saw to keep things tidy in your yard.

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Best Overall Electric Pole Saw: Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw

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If you need a high-quality electric pole saw that works like a horse without burning a hole in your pocket, look no further than [amazon link=”B00AW72WR0″ title=”Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw” /]. This equipment helps you trim up to sixty-five cuts on sturdy lumber.

It’s six feet in length even though it’s extendable up to nine feet. The bar and chain are crafted from high-quality steel that’s self-lubricating thanks to the automatic oiler that consistently oils the moving parts for more convenient use.

The pole assembles easily and doesn’t require a professional setup. However, the 8 feet length doesn’t compare to the Oregon PS250 which extends up to 15 feet.

You’ll love that this electric pole saw ships pre-assembled with the chain already tensioned for immediate use. The pole has three segments, but the length is long enough. You’d only need two in most cases.

However, suppose you want to trim branches further up ahead. In that case, it’s a simple matter of screwing in the third section, which extends the pole by an extra three feet, taking the entire length to 11 feet.

That said, this pole saw is slightly on the heavy side, but not so weighty to prevent you from getting the job done. Greenworks uses a plastic material for the power module and chainsaw housing.

We understand it’s to save weight and make the tool easily maneuverable; however, it feels fragile and doesn’t look like a tool that will withstand years of abuse.

Interestingly, this is a cordless electric pole saw, and it ships with a 40-volt battery (G-Max) and a charger. However, you can buy only the pole saw and forgo the battery and charger to save cost!

The pole saw has a slight opening you can attach with a funnel to fill with oil. But the container is small and requires frequent filling. That said, there’s an indicator that lets you know when you need to top it off. When in action, the pole saw does an excellent job of keeping the chain well lubricated. You may find that the oil leaks a little during storage, but this is pretty normal.

Ideally, you should dump any leftover oil in the canister if you’re going to store it for an extended period. The Greenworks 40v cordless pole sits at the top of this list because of its ease of use and all-around versatility.

And while the Sun Joe SWJ800E is lighter at seven pounds, at 9 pounds, you don’t need insane arm strength to use this tool for an extended time. It slices through 3″ and 4″ thick branches without difficulty.

The equipment is handy enough for young adults and senior citizens who find it difficult to lift heavy equipment. One standout feature of this product is the battery’s versatility.

You can use the 40-volt G-max with other Greenworks equipment, which is why you can purchase the electric pole saw without the battery and charger.

In sum, this equipment is ideal for the regular homeowner who needs a convenient and safe way to trim bushes and trees, and it does an excellent job!

Product Specs

  • Brand – Greenworks
  • Power source – Rechargeable Battery
  • Teeth Number – 13
  • Pole length – 6 feet extendable to 9 feet

Feature Highlights

  • The cushioned molded grip makes it comfortable for extended use and prevents slipping when reaching further into the trees.
  • At 9lbs, the lightweight design is only slightly heavier than the lightest electric pole saw on this list.
  • The 40-volt battery provides sufficient power for prolonged use and is compatible with other Greenworks equipment.

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Best Longest Electric Pole Saw – Oregon PS250

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If you want an electric pole saw that can reach the farthest branches, look no further than the [amazon link=”B00IN2FD0O” title=”Oregon PS250″ /]. The standout feature is the pole length that extends up to 15 feet. It’s nigh on impossible to find another piece of equipment with such reach.

Additionally, you’ll love the 4.0 Ah battery that provides an incredible 500 cuts per charge! The electric pole looks and feels premium. And while it’s not as maneuverable as the Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric, the quality finish means you can expect it to withstand more significant abuse than the former.

One drawback with this equipment is the blade size. At 3”, it’s the smallest of the lot, far smaller than Worx WG309’s ten-inch blade.

You’ll expect the length to make it tedious to use. Still, the aluminum material and telescopic features provide outstanding stability, ensuring you reach the trickiest nooks and corners without sacrificing accuracy.

There are also complaints about the saw weight when cutting branches at a higher level. While this can be tricky, the solution is to let gravity do the work. The tree limb at that level will support the chainsaw, saving you energy in the process.

The three-inch bar and chain slice through the sturdiest branches with minimal kickback thanks to the ingenious design. Additionally, it also features a similar non-slip grip design you’d find with the Greenworks 40V, which allows you to use it for an extended time.

Even though it’s cordless electric equipment, it’s still a reasonably quiet pole saw that you could use for long hours without plugging up your ears. At 13.5 pounds, it requires good arm strength to handle and might not be the best choice for senior citizens.

The assembly is simple as pie and easy as cake, and it doesn’t have oil leak issues like many competitors on the market. The Oregon PS250 is suitable for commercial use due to its cutting ability, durability, and price.

Overall, it’s a fantastic product, slightly top-heavy, and needs a bit of practice to use.

Product Specification

  • Brand name – Oregon
  • Weight – 13.5lbs
  • Power Source – Cordless Electric

Feature Highlights

  • Pole length reaches branches far higher than what top competitors have to offer.
  • The 4.0 Ah battery means you can cut branches for an unlimited time without running out of power.
  • Durable housing and battery power makes it suitable for commercial use.

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Best Lightweight Electric Pole Saw – Sun Joe SWJ800E

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You can’t underestimate the importance of pruning which keeps your trees healthy and disease-free. However, using a ladder and a chainsaw is a recipe for disaster.

Introducing the [amazon link=”B009FT54CQ” title=”Sun Joe SWJ800E” /].

This electric pole saw is the lightest on this list at seven pounds and is suitable for seniors. It’s also replete with safety features making it the ideal choice for chainsaw virgins. Like the Oregon PS250 above, it features a telescopic pole that’s up to 15 feet in maximum reach.

However, the 8.7 feet standard length is far shorter than the Oregon P250’s 15 feet length. That said, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. However, the power isn’t where this equipment shines, with the Greenworks having the edge over this tool.

That said, it’s still capable enough to handle stubborn bushes and branches in your yard. Sun Joe has an 8″ chain length ensuring you can slice and dice lumber that’s up to 7″ without hassles.

Don’t let the looks fool you! This equipment is exceptionally light, but it doesn’t feel cheap. Besides, the chain saw head is made from high-quality materials that can last for several years with proper maintenance.

The bar and chain design significantly reduces kickback, an essential safety feature for the electric pole chain saw newbie.

 Additionally, this equipment has a throttle Trigger and safety lock feature that keeps you safe when extending yourself cutting high-up branches. The trigger lock takes a while to get used to, but it works as advertised.

And unlike the EGO Power, which is convertible into a regular chainsaw, the Sun Joe SWJ800E is designed to work exclusively as an electric pole saw. Electric pole saws like the former are pretty heavy.

But the Sun Joe SWJ800E’s pole and chainsaw are integrated so that you can’t use one without the other. Consequently, this is why this equipment is lighter than most competitors and easily maneuverable compared to other competitors on this list.

And while it doesn’t have an automatic tensioner like the WORX WG309, it’s easy to tension the chain by opening up the casing and turning a screw. In sum, the Sun JoeSWJ800 is a sharp, elegant, and nimble piece of equipment that works exceptionally well as a house tool.

Product Specification

  • Brand – Sun Joe
  • Blade Length – 8″
  • Power source –  Electric, corded

Feature Highlights

  • The lightweight design makes it suitable for seniors and young adults to use
  • Multiple safety features like trigger lock make the Sun Joe Electric Pole Saw ideal for chainsaw newbies and individuals who’ve never handled an electric pole saw.
  • Affordable pricing and long service life save thousands of dollars in landscaping fees.

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Best Corded Electric Pole Saw – Worx WG309

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You’d be hard-pressed to find an electric pole saw that’s exceptionally good at most things, but the [amazon link=”B00MN4YCFA” title=”Worx WG309″ /] is an exception. It’s amazingly versatile equipment that works high up and down below.

You can use it as a pole saw for trimming errant branches or convert it to a standard chainsaw to slice, and dice downed lumber.

At ten pounds, it isn’t as light as the Sun Joe SWJ800E. Still, it’s only three pounds heavier, which is quite impressive considering it’s lighter than most electric-poles-saw-cum-regular-chainsaw. It’s way more lightweight than the EGO+ and almost as powerful.

It features a robust 8 Amp motor that offers enormous power, easily slicing 7″ branches. The WG309 is an all-rounder corded electric ideal for the uninitiated and chainsaw vets because of its straightforward assembly and fine-tuning.

Unlike the Sun Joe SWJ800E, it has auto tensioning, making it less tedious when using such landscaping equipment. However, the electric pole saw lacks the telescopic feature of many on this list.

At 8.5 feet, the WG309 isn’t nearly as long as the Oregon PS250. Moreover, you’d need to buy bar and chain oil separately because the equipment doesn’t ship with one.

However, the lightweight design belies its power, and it can effortlessly cut through the most stubborn branches. That said, there are complaints that the auto-tensioner fails quickly. While this assertion has an element of truth, it’s the exception and not the rule.

The Worx WG309 may not look like much, and indeed, it’s pretty affordable. And while it does have its drawbacks, disadvantages like the weight and pole length are minimal and not what you’d consider a deal-breaker.

Product Specification

  • Brand – Worx
  • Weight – 10lbs
  • Blade Length – 10″
  • Power Source – Corded Electric

Featured Highlights

  • The rotating handle makes it easy to prune high branches at various angles.
  • Has multiple safety features to prevent accidents.
  • Lightweight design for extended use.

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Best Cordless Electric – EGO Power + MPS1000

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One standout reason why the [amazon link=”B07C98K29V” title=”EGO Power + MPS1000″ /] is the Best Cordless Electric is the battery. Unlike the other cordless competitors with 40V batteries, the EGO Power + has 56 volts, allowing your electric pole saw to push harder and longer.

Straight away, it offers up to 70 cuts on a single charge which edges out the Greenworks 40V at 60 cuts. On the flip side, it weighs almost thrice as much, which is the trade-off for an incredibly powerful electric pole saw.

Additionally, the auto lubrication feature is a thoughtful consideration that keeps you working until the job is complete.

You’ll also love that the construction is extremely rugged. The MPS1000 is built for rough use with an IPX4 rating in most conditions.

That said, the 2.5 Ah battery isn’t as powerful as the Oregon PS250 4.0 Ah battery. Moreover, it doesn’t deliver as many cuts per charge.

The EGO MPS1000 does cost quite a sum. Still, you can significantly reduce costs by purchasing the no-battery bundle if you already use other EGO products. There are complaints that the equipment isn’t easy to handle, which has mostly to do with the weight.

It isn’t nearly as agile as the Sun Joe SWJ800E, but it more than makes up for this by its durability. The equipment has a five-year warranty which is quite impressive for products of this nature. In sum, the gains outweigh the flaws making the MPS1000 hard to ignore.

Product Specification

  • Brand – EGO
  • Weight – 20.9lbs
  • Blade Length – 10″
  • Power Source – Cordless Electric

Feature Highlights

  • Arc Lithium 56 volt battery is powerful and efficient, offering up to 70 cuts per charge, and is compatible with other EGO equipment.
  • High-quality construction and IPX4 rating provide outstanding durability in most conditions, including wet.
  • A 10-inch pole saw with a high-efficiency motor easily cuts through all tree branch types.

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Features to Consider

The products on this list are the standout performers in their class. However, if you’d like to shop for your electric pole saw, below are some features to consider.

A man using one of the best electric pole saw

Pole Saw Type

There are two types of electric pole saw on the market. The corded and cordless electric pole saw. Let’s distinguish below.

  • Corded Electric: These electric poles saw types have an extension cord attached to the equipment, connecting to an electrical power outlet. You cannot use these products without electricity.
  • Cordless Electric: It is more nimble because it has no extension cord attachment. This equipment is battery-powered and only works for a limited time. The batteries are rechargeable, and you may need to take breaks between cuts to charge up these pole saws.

Blade Size

When shopping for an electric pole saw, ensure you know the blade dimension. The average blade size is 8”, but it isn’t uncommon to find blade dimensions larger than 10” or as small as 3”.


Electric pole saws are designed to reach high into the trees without a ladder. The longer the pole length, the farther up you can reach.

It would help if you also considered the grip and stability to get the best cut—the longest electric pole saws like the Oregon PS250 from 10 feet up to 15 feet. It would be best if you also looked out for telescopic features, which increases the handling capacity of the electric pole saw.


An electric pole saw is inherently dangerous. You can’t compromise on safety features, and brands like the Sun Joe SWJ800E feature trigger locks and non-slip handles. Some brands even build-in LED lights for use during low light conditions.


Gardening and landscaping equipment are prone to sudden failure. Additionally, the company can ship a defective product, or your purchase gets damaged in transit. You might also find the electric pole saw doesn’t work as intended.

These and many other reasons are why you need a piece of equipment that gives you adequate protection. High-quality electric poles saws like the EGO MP1000 have a warranty of five years.


The equipment weight will depend on what you need. A typical electric pole saw that converts to a regular chainsaw would weigh more than its integrated cousin. The equipment’s power also affects the weight.

That said, you can find lightweight electric pole saws that are easy to use and weigh between six and seven pounds. It’s worth mentioning you may have to sacrifice weight for power or vice versa. 

Battery Power

The electric pole saw battery life allows you to use it for a limited time before recharging. The battery’s power is often measured in maximum cuts per charge. For instance, the Oregon PS250 can deliver up to 500 cuts on a single charge.

Other Features

These features in an electric pole saw can make the equipment easy to use or a nightmare to handle. For instance, some electric pole saws have an in-built auto-tensioner that adjusts the bar and chain in pole saw mode.

Others auto lubricate to prevent jamming. These and many other features make the electric pole saw convenient and improve user experience.

A close-up image of an electric pole saw

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Below are the answers to a few FAQs.

Is an Electric Pole Saw Worth Buying?

Going up a ladder with a heavy cutting tool like a chainsaw is incredibly hazardous. Accidents happen without notice, and you risk life-altering injuries and thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

An electric pole saw remains the optimal solution to trim tall trees without risk of injury. Moreover, hiring a landscaper to do your yard work costs hundreds of dollars. An electric pole saw can quickly pay for itself in landscaping costs.

Gas or Electric Pole Saw Which Is Better?

A gas-powered pole saw typically has more power than its electrical cousin. This cordless pole saw can cut thicker branches and are often suitable for commercial trimming projects.

However, more power doesn’t necessarily mean better. Gas-powered pole saws have more moving parts, translating into more regular and expensive.

The equipment is typically bulky and tedious to carry around. An electric pole saw has fewer moving parts and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance you’d get with a gas-powered pole saw.

This factor makes the electric pole saw cheaper to use, easier to maintain, and more affordable long-term cost. It’s also lighter and easier to handle and doesn’t emit carbon compounds that harm our fragile ecosystem.

With the latest battery technology and continuous advancements, electrical-powered devices are beginning to outperform their ICE counterparts.

In sum, the electric pole saw is not only better. It is the future of pole saw evolution.

What Is the Construction of an Electric Pole Saw?

An electric pole saw is made from different materials. The blade is typically made from high-strength steel to slice through lumber.

In addition, the pole or extension shaft is often made from aluminum to improve the weight. Finally, the engine housing is primarily premium plastic to make it more lightweight and prevent overheating.


There are hundreds of cutting tools for your landscaping needs, including gas-powered pole saws and manual tree pruners.

However, an electric pole saw remains your best choice to trim tall trees and stubborn bushes without running the risk of injury.

The electric pole saws on this list are the best in their class, with the Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw emerging as the overall best because of its versatility, ease of use, and reasonable price point.

That said, the products on this list are highly recommended and are sure to provide you with excellent value.