Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower [2022 Review]

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Summer is here, and that means that millions of Americans are hard at work cutting their lawns every Saturday morning. But one of the best ways to compromise the fresh morning air is to fill it with the smell of gasoline.

Gas-powered lawn mowers are expensive and guzzle fuel like a second vehicle. Maintaining your lawn doesn’t have to be a job adjust for these metal monstrosities, however. Instead, using a corded electric lawn mower is a valid and affordable alternative. 

Corded electric lawn mowers can cut just as well as gas-powered lawn mowers and have a few other advantages. If you’ve never heard of or purchased a corded lawn mower for yourself, don’t worry. This guide has all the information you need to make a smart decision.

We’ll show you the best corded lawn mowers available for purchase and give you some pointers to help identify the best lawn mowers among all the others. Let’s begin!

Our Top Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Below, you’ll find our reviews for the top five electric corded lawn mowers that you can find online. Some of these are superior choices for one particular aspect, while others are more versatile models and can be considered jacks of all trades.

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GreenWorks 20” 12 Amp 25022

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Right off the bat, the GreenWorks 20” 12 Amp 25022 is one of the most versatile corded electric lawn mowers you’ll find in any market. It has a 12-amp motor that places it solidly along the middle of the typical amp ranges you can expect from corded lawn mowers. This motor can effectively power a 20-inch deck, otherwise thought of as blade diameter.

Both of those factors together make this corded lawn mower an absolute monster for tearing through the largest yards and the thickest grass. It’s great for mowing lawns that are trimmed every weekend and can also be used for tackling sturdier stock that’s been left to grow for quite some time. This is due to the seven variable height settings you can set the blades to.

This gives you seven different lengths for trimming grass and plant life. The height can be adjusted via the handles at the top of the machine. Speaking of handles: they can be folded easily for compact storage to take up less space in your garage or shed.

Grass disposal is performed through the use of a 3-in-1 system, operated by the handle once again. At the touch of a button, you can switch between grass being disposed in the thick bag at the rear of the machine, mulching, or ejection from the side. This ease-of-use is truly phenomenal.

The wheels on the back are 10 inches in diameter and the front wheels are 7 inches in diameter. These are large enough to afford all-terrain mobility even if your yard is a mess or has a lot of mud. The biggest downside to this lawn mower is that it’s rather heavy, measuring in at over 50 pounds, so you’ll need to expend a little muscle power to effectively push it through grass that’s taller than a few inches in height.

This lawn mower is also relatively quiet, especially compared to gasoline-powered models. It’s a phenomenal machine that can tackle any kind of lawnmowing job you put it up to. 

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 grass disposal
  • ​7 height adjustments for blades
  • ​Foldable handles


  • ​12 Amp motor
  • ​20” deck
  • ​10” rear wheels
  • 7” front wheels

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American Lawn Mower Company 50514

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This American Lawn Mower Company 50514 is a great buy. It has an 11-amp motor that’s low enough to drive down is still being powerful enough to handle the vast majority of lawn care tasks. The motor powers a 14-inch cutting blade that operates at five easy-change cutting heights. Switching between these heights is relatively fast so you can modify your cutting on the fly.

The lawn mower is relatively lightweight, as well, only weighing about 25 pounds in total. This is a lot easier to maneuver than our pick for the best overall. It has a compact and slim frame that allows it to easily cut lawns along narrow pathways or walkways, many of which might be too thin for larger, more traditional lawn mowers to fit.

Grass disposal is handled with a 2-in-1 system. You can switch between a rear discharge into a 16-gallon bag or a mulching option. The bag has a grass level indicator to let you know when it’s time to empty, rather than simply clogging up the motor due to grass overflow.

The handles are also adjustable, rather than simply being foldable for storage. Instead, these handles can have their heights modified so that people taller or shorter stature can continue to use the machine with ease. The handles boast an ergonomic, cushioned grip, helping to keep your hands comfortable even through extended lawnmowing sessions.

Overall, it’s an extremely affordable, versatile machine. You don’t need any tools to set it up and all of the adjustments or start buttons can be initialized with a single press or pull. It’s certainly one of the best family-friendly electric corded lawn mowers that you can find.

Key Features:

  • ​5 height positions
  • ​2-in-1 disposal system
  • ​Adjustable handle height


  • ​11 Amp motor
  • ​14” deck
  • ​16 gallon bag

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Black+Decker 6.5 Amp BESTA512CM

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The Black+Decker 6.5 Amp BESTA512CM ​is a relatively unique electric corded lawn mower since it’s technically three devices in one. It can operate as a traditional lawn mower for cutting grass and other usual lawn care tasks, but it can also convert quickly into a trimmer or edger.

A trimmer would be best used for more precise mowing and lawn pruning jobs, while the edger is ideal for shaving your lawn along the edge of walkways and stone or concrete paths. For this versatility alone, this lawn mower is one of the best picks if you’re a homeowner that likes to landscape and pays attention to detail.

To power all three functions, the lawn mower makes use of a 6.5-amp motor. This doesn’t sound like a lot, especially when compared to the other electric corded mowers on our list, but it’s enough to handle typical yard work. We wouldn’t recommend this for thicker grass or overgrowth since the motor is liable to jam or stall in the process of cutting.

That being said, the 12-inch cutting blades normally work fine with the motor provided that the grasses at a normal level for cutting. The mower uses an automatic feeds spool system to prevent you from having to adjust the spool in the middle of your work. In addition, you can choose between two different cutting heights depending on your current needs.

The handles can also be adjusted to provide maximum comfort and control. This is further proven since the mower is pretty lightweight, only weighing about 13 pounds in total. There’s a cord retention system that stops the power cord from accidentally being disconnected from a sudden tug or jerk.

Grass disposal for this lawn mower isn’t really a present aspect, however. It’s simply tossed to the side for later disposal or decomposition, so keep this in mind if you have a lot of grass to cut in a small area.

There’s a lot of great features and quality design choices that make it a great pick. Homeowners that have small yards to maintain, in particular, will really find this model to be useful and provide great bang.

Key Features:

  • ​2 adjustable blade heights
  • ​Adjustable handles
  • ​Automatically feeds spool
  • Converts from mower to trimmer to edger


  • ​6.5 Amp motor
  • ​12” blade diameter

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Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14” 13 Amp

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The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14” 13 Amp electric corded lawn mower has one of the higher-amp motors around: 13, to be precise. This is enough juice to easily cut through most typical lawn grass and weeds, while also being powerful enough to handle overgrowth and backyards that haven’t been maintained in years.

The blades for this mower have been specifically made with durable steel to help improve the machine’s ability to cut through tough grass and thick overgrowth. When combined with the powerful motor, it’s truly one of the toughest and most powerful electric corded mowers.

Disposing of grass and other vegetation is done through the use of a 10.6-gallon bag. This is a monstrous amount of space that many gas-powered motors would be hard-pressed to compete with. The large amount of storage space means that you won’t have to interrupt your mowing session very frequently; simply keep cutting until the job is all done and then dispose of your mulched grass at the end.

You can adjust the cutting blades between three different heights. This feature allows for lawn trimming precision and aggressive cutting for getting rid of unsightly overgrowth. All of this excellent power in storage capacity even comes in a 30-pound package that isn’t too heavy for most people to use.

The electric corded lawn mower even comes with a full two-year warranty, so you can depend on the manufacturer to help you with any mechanical issues or replace the mower if it somehow fails shortly after purchase. All-in-all, this is definitely the machine you should be looking at if you have a lot of heavy mowing to do in the near future.

Key Features:

  • ​Grass disposal bag
  • ​3 blade height positions
  • ​Durable steel blades


  • ​13 Amp motor
  • ​14” blade diameter
  • ​10.6 gallon bag

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Goplus 14” 12 Amp with Grass Bag

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This Goplus 14” 12 Amp with Grass Bag electric corded lawn mower is one of the easiest to maintain over time. That’s because its chassis is made of metal and plastic that’s easily removable and which helps keep the weight down to a maintainable level.

The entire unit only weighs about 15 pounds, so it’s a breeze to flip up and get at the machinery underneath.This allows you to clean the durable steel blades without having to sweat too much. The grass collection box has about 30 L of storage space and is easily removable for fast emptying. 

There’s a convenient handle right in the center of the lawn mower unit; you could pick it up from this handle instead of having to roll it across difficult terrain.

Besides cleaning, this mower has other advantages. It has a pretty generous 14-inch cutting blade diameter that’s powered by a 12-amp motor. That’s plenty of juice and cutting space to handle larger yards without issue. The standard three different height adjustments are also present to you can choose between aesthetically trimming your front yard or chopping away at thicker weeds elsewhere.

Starting the lawn mower is as simple as squeezing a handle and pushing a button at the same time. The handles can be folded for easy storage and have been curved for ergonomic comfort to allow for longer lawn mowing sessions without making your hands cramped.

Altogether, it’s an affordable and easy to use lawn mower model that fits in between many of the machines that we reviewed above. It’s not quite as powerful as the Sun Joe or as versatile as the GreenWorks, but it has enough power to pull its own weight and is probably the easiest to clean overall due to its light weight and simple design.

Key Features:

  • ​3 adjustable blade heights
  • ​Ergonomic, curved handle
  • ​30 liter grass collection box


  • ​12 Amp motor
  • ​14” blade diameter
  • ​Weighs only 15 lbs

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Corded Lawn Mower Features and Considerations

When you’re looking at the above lawn mowers or browsing for other models, you should keep these aspects in mind to make sure that you purchase the best machine for your needs.


When it comes to power, the good news is that most corded electric lawn mowers won’t raise your electrical bill too much. Generally speaking, corded lawn mowers use between 10 and 15 amps to power their motors. 

Lawn mowers that have smaller motors and smaller cutting blades will usually tend toward the lower range, while the reverse is true for lawn mowers with bigger motors and larger cutting blade diameters.

There isn’t a single amp rating you should be looking for. Instead, think of amps as a representation of how fast and powerful your lawn mower will be. 

If you wait a long time between cutting your law and grass tends to grow thick and strong, you’ll probably need a larger corded lawn mower with a more powerful motor to get the job done.

If you have a small yard and like to trim frequently, a less powerful corded lawn mower with fewer amps for its motor will suit you just fine. 

More amps translate to more power for your lawn mower’s motor, but this extra power is necessary if you mow your lawn every week and the square footage maintained isn’t very high.  

Top view of a green lawn mower

Cord Length

Cord length, of course, dictates how far you can push your corded lawn mower before it runs out of maneuverability. Put another way, the cord length describes how big of a yard you can cut with your corded lawn mower.

Some of the top lawn mower models with cords will have generous cord lengths to allow you to effectively trim yards of many dozens of square feet. On the other hand, there are also many corded lawn mowers that only have short built-in cords.

The good news is that, even if your favorite model only has a short cord, you can still use virtually any corded electrical lawn mower so long as you have an extension cord. Most common extension cords can fit with your lawn mower and easily extend your effective range. 

Since extension cords are not usually very expensive, they’re a great way to purchase the corded lawn mower you desire the most even if it doesn’t have all the range you need right out of the box.

However, be careful to ensure that the electrical cord you choose is rated for the amps of your lawn mower’s motor. Choosing a cord that isn’t rated for the right amperage can cause damage to your machine or harm to yourself.

Deck Size/Cutting Width

The deck size or cutting width of your corded lawn mower directly dictates how much grass you can cut in any one second. It refers to the total area that your cutting blades cover as you move the lawn mower across your yard. 

Technically speaking, the deck size refers to the entire housing in which the cutting blades are stored. A larger deck size allows for larger blade diameter.

Some smaller lawn mowers will have cutting widths of around 12 inches to 14 inches while larger corded lawn mowers will have blade diameters approaching 20 inches in total.

The truth is that there isn’t any one size that you should necessarily aim for. Smaller lawn mowers will take longer to cut the entirety of your yard but will be easier to handle (since they’ll be lighter) and will be easier to store in your garage or shed. 

But on the other hand, lawn mowers that have larger blade diameters will be able to get the job done more quickly.

In addition, larger lawn mowers usually require a more powerful motor, which often translates to a higher range and a bigger increase to your electrical bill. 

Overall, consider the total square footage of the space you’ll be mowing most frequently and use this to determine what cutting width would best serve your needs before making a final purchase.

Grass Management

Cut grass has to be disposed of properly; you can’t just let it collect inside your mower’s deck. Grass management systems vary greatly between corded lawn mower models. Some lawn mowers propel cut grass far away from the machine to be disposed of later, which others can mulch the grass. 

Still more transfer cut grass into a built-in bag that you can dump into your trash when the job is complete. Again, there’s no one right answer for everyone. But you should consider this when browsing the available options to determine which will work best for your property. F

or instance, if you have a lot of scenic space that you want to look nice, it won’t do well to get an electric corded lawn mower that spits grass debris onto your pristine sidewalks. You’ll probably want a lawn mower that has a catching bag for clean disposal.

On the other hand, if you’re mowing your backyard and the surrounding space beyond your grass isn’t a priority, you can much more easily use a lawn mower that ejects cut grass out to the side. The choice is totally up to you and depends on your unique needs and preferences.

There are some corded lawn mowers that use a 3-in-1 system. This allows you to switch your disposal setting on the fly, usually by flicking a switch. You can use this to customize your grass disposal technique based on which part of the yard you are currently cutting. 

You could, for example, use back disposal for the front yard and then instantly switch to side-ejection for the backyard without skipping a beat.

Close up of some grass


There are two types of lawn mowers: ones that require you to extend physical energy for movement or ones that propel themselves as a result of their motor. 

Neither is better than the other, although self-propelled lawn mowers are usually a little more expensive since they require more power in their motor to accomplish both cutting and locomotion by themselves. They both have advantages and disadvantages. 

For example, push lawn mowers are totally under your own power and they’ll never go off if you take your hands off the handle by accident, requiring you to chase after them. 

However, every inch of grass has to be reached by your own exertion, and with heavier lawn mowers, this can become quite the task. Push lawn mowers are also a little harder to use for overgrowth and grass that’s become tangled and tall through a lack of maintenance.

Self-propelled lawn mowers can add their own power to your muscles. This makes cutting down tall and unwieldy grass much easier. It also makes cutting regular lawns an absolute breeze. 

However, you have to be careful not to let go of his lawn mowers since they can easily drive themselves off your yard and into the street if you’re not paying attention.

Corded Lawn Mower vs Gasoline Mowers

You might wonder why anyone would choose a corded electric mower over a gasoline mower. The primary advantage of using a corded electrical lawn mower over a gasoline mower can be boiled down to the overall amount and maintenance work. 

You see, gasoline mowers constantly require refilling of their gasoline tanks to function. Gasoline mowers rely on traditional gas for locomotion and it’s well known that these lawn mowers typically smell fairly foul. 

In addition, the more complicated motor of a gasoline mower means that the maintenance required to keep the machine working properly is much greater than the maintenance needed to keep an electric mower running smoothly.

For instance, gasoline mowers require oil changes, air filter changes, and investigation of spark plugs fairly regularly. You’ll also need to store the fuel for the lawn mower and have to take trips to the gas station relatively often. This can be particularly cumbersome if you’re in the middle of a lawn mowing session but run out of gas partway through. 

It’s true that many gasoline-powered mowers can bring a little more power to bear on tough grass, but most modern homes and lawns don’t usually need all that extra juice. It’s essentially wasted fuel and funds.

Corded electric mowers do require some maintenance, but they have the huge advantage of never running out of power. All you have to do is plug them into a power outlet and they’ll be good to go. So long as your house has electricity, you can mow your lawn without worry. 

You do still have to clean the blades of your corded mower and clean the deck to prevent clogging or jamming, particularly during rainy seasons. However, this maintenance is much less involved or intrusive when compared to the typical repairs and tune-ups required of gasoline lawn mowers.

In addition, corded electrical lawn mowers typically charge less funds than comparative gasoline-powered lawn mowers. You can get many decent corded lawn mowers for a specific amount or less, while gas-powered lawn mowers will usually charge more. You also have to factor in the lifetime rate of constantly purchasing more gasoline to fuel the machine.

Overall, corded lawn mowers are more reasonable to purchase and maintain and are easier to keep running well with less overall required maintenance.

Side view close up of a lawn mower on grass


As you can see, corded electric lawn mowers are just as valuable as their traditional, gas-guzzling counterparts. In addition, corded lawn mowers might be a much better alternative for your needs if you’d like to avoid the smell of gasoline and save funds at the same time. Thanks for reading!